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Identify, invest & grow.

Based in Staffordshire, DKN-Capital specialise in helping entrepreneurial businesses and helping them to become well structured, successful businesses with real value and a clear strategy for future growth. 
We also help them develop a clear strategy to either attract major investors or to sell and exit their investment.

We invest far more than money

We have a hands-on approach, taking time to learn about the businesses we work with. We provide the right support and expertise needed to ensure growth and success. The typical challenges faced when scaling up a business are minimised through our mentoring, resources, and connections.

Our Approach

Discover and develop

Every business is different, that’s why we invest the time, effort and resources required to understand your business and the aims and goals you have for it. 

DKN-Capital will work closely with you to develop and deliver a growth strategy that will create value throughout your business, and help you focus on the things that really matter. 

We will also introduce you to the right resources, at the right time, whether that be capital, mentoring or specialist contacts.

Maximise potential

DKN-Capital will make a real difference. Our broad range of operational and strategic skills will inject valuable expertise across your business and accelerate it’s growth. 

In order to reach the agreed goals and create a thriving business, we will help you find the right people to strengthen your team and support your business development activities. 

We understand the challenges of running and growing a successful business, our knowledge and experience will provide a consistent steadying influence as and when these challenges arise.

Turn risk into reward

To us, risk is opportunity, so we embrace it. 

DKN-Capital focus heavily on the positive aspects of a business opportunity and work closely with entrepreneurs to identify and address specific challenges or weaknesses. 

As a direct result we have an outstanding track record of growing businesses that deliver strategic value at exit for the benefit of all parties involved.


Darren Nelson

In 1992, Darren and Katie Nelson created Carnell Support Services Ltd, a business initially involved in the installation of high voltage electricity cables and communication services for the Highways sector.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to invest in technology, Darren grew the business into a multi-million pound service provider to the Highways and Infrastructure industries.

“Embracing collaboration and driving innovation, we developed a range of specialist products and services, such as StoneMaster and StableDrain and more recently SafetyCam and OverheadSafe. The success of these innovations elevated the Carnell brand, which now has an award winning reputation for excellence in Innovation, Collaboration and Safety.”

Darren sold Carnell Support Services Ltd in 2020, his primary focus now is to help small businesses and start-ups grow, by sharing his wealth of knowledge while offering access to vital capital investment and management support.